An operational office is established to liaise with GEO and support the Carbon task of the GEO 2012-15 Work Plan, with the mandate of:

  • i) enhancing the communication flow among the different communities and promote their involvement in the GEO process;
  • ii) disseminating the project results and turn them into policy relevant information.

The GCO will mediate between science (inside and outside this project proposal) and environmental policy, informing decision makers and passing through the GEO process. The GCO will turn the results provided by this project into information products ad hoc tailored to stakeholders and decision makers, particularly at EU level. This will support the development of efficient policies related to the commitments on the stabilisation of radiative forcing from GHG in the atmosphere. The data produced by this project would strengthen the review process of the UNFCCC on reported emissions as they would provide an independent verification source.