Project Coordinator:

  Prof. Riccardo Valentini -  Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC).

The Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC) is the Italian research centre on climate science and policy. Its activities focus on the development and applications of models of climate dynamics, impacts of climate change and adaptation and mitigation policies. The CMCC produces numerical simulations of global and regional models of climate change, as well as economic analysis of its impacts on terrestrial and marine ecosystems and on economic activities. Climate policies are also evaluated, jointly with their implications on energy investments, research and development and the diffusion of climate-friendly technologies. Land use changes, deforestation and afforestation are integrated in the analysis of global impacts of climate change and of future paths of economic development in different world regions. CMCC activities are organised in six research Divisions: Scientific Computing and Operations (SCO), Numerical Applications and Scenarios (ANS), Climate Impacts and Policies (CIP), Impact on Soil and Coast (ISC), Impacts on Agriculture, Forest, and Natural Ecosystems (IAFENT) and Education, Documentation and Dissemination (FDD).