The GEOCARBON data portal, designed strictly along the lines of the GEOCARBON data-policy agreement, is now online! The data portal will allow to exchange the data within and beyond the GEOCARBON project.

Please find the link here:


Link to interactive maps for continental waters

The interactive maps (available at this url: consist in a web-based interface, compatible with the most used web-browsers and Operative Systems. It presents a map of the world displaying 45 regions (MARCATS for MARgins and CATchments Segmentation, Laruelle et al., 2012) including all exorheic watersheds and the continental shelves (Fig. 1). The user can select any region of interest by clicking on it and open a pop-up window containing a close up map of the selected MARCATS as well as some geographic information regarding inland waters, estuaries and continental shelf waters. The map also provides the geographic extent of sub-regions (COSCATs for Coastal Segmentation and related CATchments, Meybeck et al., 2006) which can also be selected by the user. An additional pop-up window then opens with a zoom on the selected COSCAT. This window also provides a number of information about the selected zone. This comprises: the surface area of inland waters (separated into river network, lakes and reservoirs), the surface area, volume and breaking depth of continental shelf waters, the integrated annual lateral Carbon fluxes between inland waters and estuaries (separated into Particulate Organic Carbon, Dissolved Organic Carbon and Dissolved Inorganic Carbon), median pCO2 in inland waters extracted from the GLORICH database as well as the number of samples this value is calculated from and median fCO2 in continental shelf waters extracted from the SOCAT 1.5 database as well as the number of samples this value is based on.