CMP8 – Disseminating the project results, linking with GEO and producing policy relevant information

The GEOCARBON project aims at contributing to the development of a Global Carbon Observing System, building especially on existing European and global initiatives and relevant GEO tasks. The general objective is to improve the current understanding of the global carbon cycle, contributing to the achievement of the 2015 GEOSS climate strategic target.

In particular, the Component 8 aims at: i) disseminating and promoting the exploitation of the project results; ii) linking with relevant European and international stakeholders, in particular EC, GEO, UNFCCC and decision makers, and iii) managing the project and coordinating the consortium. Main tool to reach these objectives will be the creation of a GEO-Carbon-Office (GCO) that will be the interface between this project, EC and GEO.

This component includes in a coordinated way two different WPs that are strongly interconnected: WP22 “Outreach and interface with EC, GEO and UNFCCC” and WP23 “Project Management”. The outreach activities of WP22 will partially overlap with WP23 that will provide also additional support. The GCO will work in close connection with the Component 5.